Josh Lucas

East Coast Sales | Carmody & Associates

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About Me

My childhood goals of a finance degree have now become reality. During my Boise State University education I was attracted to brokering heavy equipment and became successful at it. Working with Builders, Contractors, Trucking Companies, Concrete and Asphalt Plants is something I enjoy. My Clients were appreciative of the successes we had together. I was also grateful as well in the success and the faith they had in me.

Now I am brokering dozers, graders, curb machines, semi-trucks and trailers, all types of concrete related or asphalt related equipment, collectors and classic automobiles, motorcycles, cranes, buses, recreational vehicles, boats, mix trucks, and anything else you would like sold at a fair price.

I can now also offer finance solutions to all types of acquisitions and supporting long term or complex business ventures. Always known to be on "Fireman's call" or working 24/7. Completing my goals, doing what I love, and helping us both live out our dreams is what drives me on.

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